The Season of Advent

We call Advent the quiet Season of Waiting.  Yet so many distractions      rudely interrupt our silent nights.

I’m not talking about distractions like jazzy  renditions of Christmas songs  piping through loud speakers everywhere.

I’m not talking about nasal noisy  complaints about the disgraceful  commercialization of Christmas.

I am talking about turbulence, . . . everywhere from weather to politics. 

Now I don’t know much about weather patterns in ancient times, although I imagine  earthquakes and the great flood could count as environmental  turbulence. 

I do know for sure the political environment leading up to the birth of Christ was turbulent. 

It pervaded the lives of  everyone, filtering all the way down to Mary and Joseph’s quiet home.  Mary was close to delivery with her first child.  And, she had to do what?  Walk miles to Bethlehem for a what? A census??  And once there, where do we stay?  Did you make reservations?   No?  Seriously?            

Now, that my friends, is turbulence! And like ours, it was bad!

As we face the turbulence in our lives today may we, like Mary take the hard walk and the bumpy ride as we wait for deliverance. And again like Mary, may  we then revel in the light of her son’s birth and graciously greet visitors who come calling with gifts and good wishes.

 And my we find our voice to sing with her,  

My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.                                  

Merry Christmas!